Professional Window Cleaning Services.

We are pleased to offer Ottawa residents an easier, more efficient, and affordable alternative to fulfilling their cleaning needs. With an unwavering commitment to quality services, skilled professionals, and providing our clients with great customer support, we hope to bring our endeavors to your doorstep!

Who we are and what we do!

On the lookout for a reliable window cleaning service? Whether you’re frustrated with the results of your efforts or simply don’t have the time or energy to take on the task, we’ve got you covered! At WindowGuru, we prioritize client satisfaction by ensuring we deliver the quality services you deserve. Our team of talented professionals have many years of experience and are masters of their craft. 

Window cleaning can be a very tiring and frustrating task at times. Without the right expertise and technique, you could even make your windows dirtier than they were at the start. Why not hire WindowGuru to do the job right, much sooner and more efficiently than you ever thought possible. 

Exterior/Interior Window Cleaning

This service entails scrubbing and squeegeeing all interior and exterior windows. 

  • Both interior and exterior window frames are polished, cleaned, and scrubbed
  • Both interior and exterior window screens and ledges are scrubbed clean 
  • Dirt and cobwebs are removed, leaving your windows sparkling
  • Window tracks and channels are thoroughly cleaned to remove dirt and other obstructions, so they may glide more smoothly 
  • Our team will take their time cleaning the entire surface of your windows from top to bottom, so you’ll be delighted with the results

Eavestrough Cleaning

Eavestroughs often become clogged by dust, shingles, leaves, and other materials, so they need regular cleaning and maintenance. WindowGuru ensures your eavestroughs function correctly through proper cleaning by our quality custom services.

  • Our team uses their expertise and equipment to find the source of your clog 
  • Leaves, dirt, shingles, and other materials are physically removed 
  • Our team will ensure that your eavestrough, downspouts, and gutters are flushed clear
  • Our team ensures that the eavestrough and soffits are cleaned by hand, everything is scrubbed top to bottom to ensure it’s spotless!

Siding Cleaning

Sidings are often a hotspot for dirt and stains, and since they are displayed openly, they can be quite troublesome for homeowners. Luckily, through years of experience, we know how to remove all these stains and get your siding spotless in no time! 

  • Our team extensively scrubs down stains and bad patches to give you the best results possible 
  • All sidings are hand scrubbed with professional cleaning products to eliminate surface dirt and stains
  • Our trained professionals will ensure that your home is spotless and looking like new in no time!

All in all, WindowGuru commits to delivering excellent quality services at very affordable and competitive prices. We would love the opportunity to discuss your quote and begin working on your task immediately! Remember, clean windows, eavestroughs, and sidings are just a phone call away!

Why Choose Us?

You’re probably wondering at this point, why choose WindowGuru when I have other options at my disposal? 

Here is what makes us stand out from the rest:


Unlike other companies, we keep all lines of communication open throughout the day to give our customers regular updates and much more!


We adopt a very comprehensive, meticulous approach towards our cleaning! Our team is trained to work efficiently and meticulously!


Our staff has undergone extensive customer support training, so they politely respond to all your queries and display profound levels of  professionalism.

Extensively Trained

Our staff receives extensive training before they are assigned field duties. Our training covers every aspect of the cleaning process, ensuring that our customers are happy with what we do.

Hard Working

Our team works tirelessly throughout the day to ensure that you get the spotless windows that you truly deserve.

Eco Friendly

All our products are Eco-Friendly and do not cause any harm to our clients or their plants, pets, etc. We use the best quality materials to ensure safe, efficient cleaning!

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