WindowGuru Service Agreement

When a client agrees to move forward with services from WindowGuru they are agreeing to the below:

  1. Services: Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement WindowGuru agrees to provide window cleaning services at the Property, including but not limited to interior/exterior window cleaning, eavestrough cleaning, and siding/soffit cleaning for the client. Any miscellaneous cleaning services will be agreed upon prior to the job being done. Window cleaning can consist of both squeegee/brushes or purified water cleaning, a scraper will be used where necessary unless we are notified not to use this cleaning technique (this must be done in writing). The customer must make WindowGuru aware of any type of tempered glass before cleaning begins in writing. They must also acknowledge that scraping this type of glass might leave hairline scratches during the cleaning process. Any adhesive, stone, concrete or mortar, silicone or other construction debris will require the use of scrapers to remove. WindowGuru does not use any other chemical agents or tools to remove such debris.  Eavestroughs will be cleaned by hand or pole and downspouts will be visually inspected. Siding and soffit cleaning will be done using brushes and hose pressure. WindowGuru does not use any type of pressure washer for cleaning purposes.
  1. Payment and Terms: The client will pay WindowGuru the total sum of the agreed upon services stated in the agreed upon estimate. The sum will be paid once the job has been completed. This contract is for the agreed upon services only.
  1. Pre-Job: Client agrees to grant access to their home or office to WindowGuru only when interior windows or interior cleaning is being done. All other services will take place on the outside of the home/business. Client agrees to allow the use of outdoor and indoor water taps and outlets at the discretion of WindowGuru. Client agrees to move all valuables away from the interior and exterior work areas before any work is started by WindowGuru. Client acknowledges and agrees that the clients’ belongings may be moved in order to clean any interior or exterior windows, siding, eavestrough, soffit, or any miscellaneous agreed upon item being cleaned.
  1. Insurance: WindowGuru has both commercial and residential insurance for all their services and employees while on site. Homeowners and businesses are required to have their own property insurance where applicable.
  1. Understanding: Client understands that WindowGuru will do it’s best to clean all agreed upon areas of the home or business but cannot guarantee it will look like new or will fix any previous damages.
  1. Photography and Release: Client agrees to allow WindowGuru to photograph areas of the Property before and after the work is completed to verify that work has been completed or for visual reference to certain areas for the benefit of the customer.
  1. This agreement: contains the entire agreement of the parties; there are no other promises or conditions in any other agreement, whether oral or written.
  1. Client agrees to pay: 100% upon completion of all services.This agreement shall be governed by the province of Ontario. You should read and understand this agreement. It is a legal binding contract.
  1. Email: Customers who agree to have services completed by WindowGuru also agree to be emailed once in September and once in March to update them of our fall and spring appointment booking. This email will only be sent to customers who have had work completed in the last two calendar years.