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We provide affordable cleaning services to Ottawa residents and commercial property owners, making every effort to exceed their expectations!

WindowGuru is the only price transparent window, siding, and gutter cleaning service provider in the Ottawa region. Our pricing model is based on hours of market research in order to provide our customers with unbeatable prices while maintaining our top-notch service quality.

Current Gutter Cleaning Pricing

Cleaning your gutters is a preventative action to guard against harm to the structural integrity of your house and roof. It is importantto remove the years of grime, dirt, leavesand any other unsightly material that is caked into the gutters.Gutter cleaning prices vary across Canada. This price is determined based on the size of the area, length, complexity of the work, and the cost spent on it. This amount increases according to thenumber of floors of the building and is estimated at $150, $ 170, and $ 310.

WindowGuru can offer you cleaning for an area of ​​700 and 3500 square-foot home for $100-200. The prices are affordable and undoubtedly provide you with several conveniences.

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Current Gutter Brightening Pricing

Typical gutter brightening services brighten your gutters to make them look more appealing. “Tiger Stripes” is the term commonly used to describe the unsightly lines that form over time along the face of the eavestrough/gutters. “Tiger Stripes” are rarely due to a problem with the paint, but rather a natural build up over time. Pollution and dirt continuously gather on the top lip. When there is enough moisture, a drip is formed, runs down the face of the eavestrough / gutter and starts the process of dark vertical lines. Water tends to run along the same path over and over and, in time, the contrast between light and dark becomes very evident. The result? “Tiger Stripes”. Remember too that neglecting eavestrough cleaning simply compounds to the problem.A single-story 1,500 square-foot home with 150 linear feet of gutters will typically be priced between $70 and $200.

With WindowGuru, this price is on average $ 120-200, and you will be able to get an area of ​​750-1500 square-foot cleaned.

Current Siding Cleaning Pricing

The most common surface buildup problems on siding are pollen, dirt, mildew, or bird droppings. Different cleaning solutions and cleaning methods are used for different dirt sources.The total cost of Siding Cleaning services across Canada is $200-$400 per side, and of course, this can vary based on the size of your home.

WindowGuru can offer you siding cleaning for various house sizes at prices ranging from $120 to $320 per side.

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Current Window Cleaning Pricing

Window cleaning service price depends on the pane size and whether you choose to clean the Interior or Exterior or both. The cost of window cleaning is usually very reasonable across the board, averaging between $50 and $75 per hour.

Pane Based Competitive Window Cleaning Prices

In addition, geometric high windows, sunroom panes, storm door panels, storm windowpanes, and Pella windowpanes cleaning services are also available, with prices ranging from $10 to $20.