Eavestrough Cleaning.

WindowGuru offers excellent, quality eavestrough cleaning services at affordable prices to our esteemed customers in Ottawa! Reach out to us now and let us know your requirements, we would love to be of service! 

Professional Gutter Cleaning

Gutters always tend to clog up and back up at the worst possible times. It can be a quite cumbersome and frustrating process to unclog the drains and clean them every time they get clogged. But luckily for you, we at WindowGuru offer professional gutter cleaning services to take the stress off your shoulders. You deserve nothing less than the absolute best, and we would be honored to provide our services to you. We have been very fortunate to have gotten the opportunity to help numerous customers out with their gutters, and our testimonials and reviews speak for themselves!

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Eavestrough Cleaning Basic

Our basic package for eavestrough cleaning entails our team scanning for blockages along the eavestrough and removing any dirt, shingles, leaves, or excess material that may be clogging it. Our team is always available to assist you with your eavestrough cleaning needs. With our years of experience in this field, we are the perfect fit for you, no matter your needs!

Eavestrough Cleaning Deluxe

The primary difference between the basic and deluxe package is that in the deluxe package, our team takes additional steps to completely clear out your gutters. They take their time and make an extra effort to water down the gutters and flush out anything stuck in the downspouts. Our team will scan for blockages along the eavestrough and remove any dirt, shingles, leaves, or excess material that may be clogging it. Reach out to us now for your eavestrough related needs, and we’ll give you our best!

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Eavestrough Cleaning Premium

The premium package entails a complete scrub-down of the entire eavestrough, alongside all the services listed in the deluxe and premium packages. The scrubbing ensures that the eavestrough is clear and spotless – as good as brand new! Our team works relentlessly to ensure your complete satisfaction and would be honored to take on this task for you.

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