Consequences of Power Washing Your Aluminum Siding

Consequences of Power Washing Your Aluminum Siding

Aluminum siding is an excellent choice for home exteriors because it lasts almost the whole life of the house. Though, the siding should be cleaned at least once every year to keep it looking new.

Most homeowners and cleaning service providers choose the power wash method for aluminum siding cleaning in Ottawa as their go-to method, but it has certain drawbacks and downsides, resulting in confusion around the best siding cleaning process: soft wash or pressure wash? Let’s discuss the downsides of power washing sidings that you may not be aware of more closely.

Implications of power washing aluminum sidings

Pressure washing damages aluminum siding
For some types of aluminum siding as well as other exterior siding materials like vinyl, wood, or stucco, power cleaning can be excessively abrasive. Unfortunately, exerting too much pressure might have a negative impact. On occasion, it causes damage or pulls the metal away from the house’s framework. If you are concerned about this, we advise choosing the best siding cleaning services in Ottawa that use the hand scrub method to clean sidings.

High-pressure spray and detergent damage the landscaping
Your grass, flowers, and plants can be damaged by harsh cleaning products like bleach. Before beginning the cleaning task, shield them by draping a tarp or plastic sheet over the plants. Water-based, biodegradable products are more plant-friendly options for washing.

Debris and stains never wash away
There is no simple solution to the messy task of cleaning a home’s exterior. You might still see stains and dark patches on the aluminum siding even after following the standard cleaning procedures. Below the siding’s lip, stains can be particularly challenging to get rid of. Try using the hand-scrubbing method rather than pressure washing these spots. For more thorough cleaning, it may be beneficial to repeat the washing and rinsing procedures.

Take the hand scrubbing cleaning technique into consideration
Simply choosing hand scrubbing over power washing can eliminate many of the difficulties associated with cleaning aluminum siding. This gentler hand scrub cleaning method is ideal for external materials such as vinyl siding, painted wood, brick, stone, and stucco.

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